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Warwick Products
5350 Tradex Pkwy
Cleveland, OH 44102

Tel : 216.334.1200
Fax: 216.334.1201

Matt Beverstock, President
Mike Beverstock, Vice President
Jon Murray, Vice President of Sales

Serving our customers for over 70 years with high attention to detail and quality craftsmanship. We specialize in custom manufacturing of commercial cabinets, casework, retail fixtures & displays. Our capabilities range from custom finishing (painting & staining), a multitude of pre & post-laminating options, solid surface & stone countertops, woodworking and plastic fabrication. We are a one-stop-shop who also handles the fulfillment and kitting so your project is complete and ready to ship to your destination(s).

Product Categories:
06065 Plastic Laminates + Countertops
06200 Wood Finish Carpentry: Millwork + Trim
06410 Wood Custom Cabinets + Closets
06415 Wood Cabinets, Kitchen/Countertops
09380 Countertops: Concrete, Stone + Tile
12300 Kitchen Cabinetry + Manuf. Casework
12310 Bathroom Cabinetry + Vanities
12350 Casework: Education, Hotel + Medical



Showrooms / Distributors:
Begin a custom project with Warwick Products by calling us, 216.334.1200, or submitting a request.

Industries Served: Commercial; Retail environments: convenience stores, big box retail, cosmetic industry, clothing, grocery, self-storage; Education and Institutions.

Green Green Products
Kitchen appliance display: Custom cabinetry and lacquer finish and solid surface countertop.
Beverage station: Melamine construction with laminate finishes and solid surface countertop.
Coffee station: Plywood construction with laminate finishes and solid surface countertop.
Gift shop retail interior: Melamine construction with laminate finishes and custom slatwall.
Product display wall: Lumber with lacquer finish, laminated cabinets and shelves.
Design consultation area: Laminated cabinetry and custom stainless steel tops.
Product display table: MDF Construction with gloss lacquer finish.
Acrylic protective barrier: Anchored or freestanding. Custom sizes. Add casters for flexibility.
Tradeshow booth: Solid surface consultation table. Particle-board construction backwall with laminate finishes.
Loose cosmetic fixture: Melamine construction with laminate finishes.
Key-cutting department: Custom stainless steel tops and laminated cabinetry.
Millwork: Laminated cabinets with solid surface tops.
Lobby desk - White melamine exterior with white sile stone countertop with gray accents.
Laminated base cabinets constructed of hardrock maple. Features acrylic product risers and logo decals.
Curved display case with glass opening.
Brands / Products:
Custom Cabinetry, Commercial Millwork, Commercial Casework, Retail Fixtures, Cashwraps, Cosmetic Fixtures and Displays, Retailer Interiors, Beverage Stations, Convenience Stores, School Millwork, Product Displays, Kitchen Appliance Displays, Consultation Areas, Big-Box Paint Departments, Big-Box Blinds Departments, Big-Box Key-Cutting Departments, Big-Box Checkout Areas, Custom Backwalls, Self-Storage Lobbies, Checkout Areas, Paint Displays, Reception Desks, Tradeshow Booths, Custom Walls and Display Shelves, Custom Focal Walls, Showcases.

Warwick Products: Custom Commercial Millwork, Casework, Cabinetry, Interiors and POP Displays and Protective Barriers.
MPC: Acoustical Wall Panels

Green Statement/Products:
Warwick Products is an environmentally responsible manufacturer. We produce environmentally-friendly and safe products. Our warehouse operations are energy-efficient and recycled materials are utilized when possible.

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Acoustical Wall Panels (MPC Silent Wall)
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