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SwissShade + Security
HCR 2 Box 499 N
Tucson, AZ 85735

Tel : 520.822.1982
Fax: 520.822.1649
Contact: Franz Brun

SwissShade offers window and door SOLUTIONS: from new construction, renovation to historical restoration. Between SwissShade technicians and our German craftsmen we can build most any window and door system to your exact specification. We can address security levels from burglarproof to bullet and explosion resistant. We offer fenestration solutions in Wood, Aluminum, Aluminum Clad Wood, UPVC or Bronze Clad Wood. Custom design solutions that cater to any architects or homeowners vision.

Product Categories:
08200 Wood Doors, Frames + Jambs
08300 Specialty Doors + Entry Doors
08320 Detention + Security Doors + Frames
08400 Entrance Doors + Storefronts
08411 Aluminum, Steel + Glass Entrances
08580 Storm Windows, Security + Fire Rated
08810 Blast Resistant + Protective Glazing
10530 Awnings, Canopies + Sun Control

Commercial + Residential


Showrooms / Distributors:
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Curtain Wall w. full glass corners
Aluminum-Clad Wood balcony door w. side lites
Bullet resistant Curtain Wall w. Lift & Slide Doors - 30' R.O.
Bullet resistant UPVC Windows & Doors
Hurricane resistant UPVC Windows & Doors w. built-in Rolling Shutters
Aluminum Clad Wood entrance door w. sculpted glass
UPVC French Door
Folding Door with radius
40 foot Skylight bullet resistant s
Custom Mahogany Windows & Doors
Security level designed to address Bear Attacks
Bullet resistant curtain wall
Brands / Products:
Custom 'Fauser' Windows and Doors, Burglar Proof to Bullet Resistant Security Windows and Doors, Sunscreens, Awnings, Retractable Awnings, Pergolas Awnings, Vertical Awnings,tilt window Balcony door Fixed glazing Centre-hung window Parallel-sliding/tilt door Lifting-sliding door Sliding-folding door
Curtain Wall Systems

New Products:
Natural Stone Doors

Windows + Doors
Natural Stone Doors
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Fauser Window + Door Specifications
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Vario Curtain Wall System

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