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10600 West Brown Deer Road
Milwaukee, WI 53224

Tel : 888-243-6914
Fax: 414-214-0450

Michael Dover - President

Wagner is a leading global supplier of architectural railing systems and custom fabricated metalwork, dedicated to producing life-safety and lighting products that meet the highest standards of quality, engineering and code compliance.

We work with architects, lighting designers, engineers, contractors and even DIY small-businesses or professionals to deliver complete product systems. We custom engineer and fabricate design-specific stair handrail, metal railing, stainless steel cable railing, pipe handrail, glass railing solutions, as well as architectural lighting that provides safety, assists navigation and elevates the architectural aesthetic of common space designs.

Our expertise in metal manufacturing, code requirements and LEED building standards means you get a partner who can meet your specifications and deliver installations with the fit, finish, beauty and performance you desire.

Product Categories:
05150 Wire Rope Assemblies
05520 Metal Handrails, Railings + Guardrails
05521 Cable Railing + Handrail Systems
05522 Glass Railings + Guardrails
05700 Ornamental: Stairs, Railings + Castings
06430 Stairs, Spiral, Guardrails/Banisters
10820 ADA Equipment + Grab Bars
16222 LED Lighting

Commercial + Residential


Showrooms / Distributors:
For sales and support related to metal railing or guardrail systems including glass railing, cable railing and general handrail solutions:
Contact our Expert Architectural Railing and Lighting Sales Team/Technical Support

For sales related to architectural lighting or LED handrail lighting:
Find a Wagner Architectural Lighting / Handrail Lighting Rep (USA/Canada Only)

Green Green Products
CLS West Hollywood Library – Lumenrail LED Handrail, Stainless Steel Railing, Flexible LED Fixture
Phipps Conservancy, Pittsburgh, PA - Lumenrail LED Lighted Handrail, Stainless Steel Railing, Lumenpod Point Source LED Rail Lighting
WPI Quad - Lumenrail LED Outdoor Handrails, Stainless Steel Metal Railing, Lumenpod Point Source LED Architectural Lighting
Wetlands Park, Las Vegas, NV - Lumenrail LED Handrail System, Stainless Steel Cable Railing System, Lumenlinear Source LED Handrail Lighting
UCB Sproul Hall - Lumenrail LED Illuminated Systems, Metal Railings, Stainless Steel Handrail, Lumenlinear Source LED Stair Handrail
MATC Mequon, WI - Legato Frameless Glass Railing System, Metal Stair Railing, Stainless Steel Cable Railing
35th Street Bridge, Chicago, IL - Lumenrail Handrail Lighting, Integrated Stainless Steel Cable Railing, Lumenlinear Source LED Architectural Lighting
Cable Rail Long Beach, CA – Cable Railing System, Wood Cable Deck Railing, Metal Porch Railing
Phipps Conservancy, Pittsburgh, PA - Lumenrail LED Architectural Lighting, Stainless Steel Outdoor Railing, Archimesh Infill Panels, Lumenpod Point Source LED Rail Lighting
1600 7th Ave, Seattle, WA - Lumenrail LED Handrail Lighting, Stainless Steel Cable Railing, Metal Stair Railing, Lumenlinear Source LED Lighted Rail
Retail Store Glass Railing - PanelGrip Dry Glazed Glass Railing System, Interior Handrails, Handrails for Steps
Prada, Las Vegas, NV - PanelGrip Dry Glazed Glass Railing System, Glass Stair Railing, Architectural Stainless-Steel Handrail
11th Pearl - Lumenrail LED Lighted Handrail, Glass Standoff System, Lumenlinear Source LED Interior Handrails
College Football Hall of Fame, Atlanta, GA - Legato Frameless Glass Railing System, Glass Stair Railing, Lumenrail LED Illuminated Handrail Lighting, Lumenpod Point Source LED Stair Handrail
MATC Mequon, WI - Legato Frameless Glass Railing System, Metal Handrails for Stairs
Brands / Products:
Legato™ Railing Collection - Our post mount design solution offers an affordable glass railing solution, an extraordinarily easy glass railing installation and an endless array of customizable options.

Lumenrail® Architectural Systems - Our illuminated handrail/rail system uses a state-of-the-art, low-voltage LED illumination to enhance any stairway, walkway or ramp. Available in both point-source and linear options, making it a perfect solution for any handrail configuration.

PanelGrip® - Building upon the legacy, Wagner introduces the new streamlined design of PanelGrip. With its unique, durable locking mechanism and specially designed, lighter weight aluminum base shoe-moulding, installation of this glass railing system is faster and more cost-effective than other standard dry glaze options.

Archimesh Infill Solutions - Framed, woven type 304 stainless steel metal wire panels for use in our architectural metal railing systems.

Lumenpod® 16 - The next generation, integrated, point source handrail luminaire. The mechanically threaded Lumenpod is designed for pathway illumination with mounting options for handrail, safety railing, guardrail, decks, balconies, porch applications and shelter or entry structures. Performance lighting, superior harsh environment protection and vandal resistance are combined with a simple installation. The luminaire provides a low-profile architectural solution for new or retrofit applications.

Bantam™ - A new generation of small form factor, LED, post or flat surface mount luminaires. This post mount fixture is designed for wall grazing and pathway illumination with mounting options for railings, walls, decks, porches, balconies and entry structures. Bantam includes 316 stainless steel hardware for a simple, long-lasting field or factory prepared installation. The Bantam provides an inconspicuous architectural illumination solution for life-safety installations.

New Products:
Lumenpod® 28 - The evolution of the handrail point-source from Wagner has performance that far exceeds the first- or second-generation products on the market. This USA engineered and manufactured luminaire is designed for pathway illumination with mounting options for handrail, guardrail, decks, shelter or entry structures. Both the asymmetric and symmetric versions have outstanding performance developed specifically for the application. The superior harsh environment protection and vandal resistance are combined with a simple installation. The Lumenpod 28 provides a flush profile, architectural solution for new or retrofit applications and egress compliance opportunities.

Wildlife Amber Options - The environmentally friendly Wildlife Amber output option is available for projects near protected coastal wildlife areas. Wagner received an official certification from the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission which monitors activities involving marine turtles in Florida under authority granted to the state through a Cooperative Agreement with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Available in our linear and point-source products with certification.

Green Statement/Products:
As a handrail, railing, metal component manufacturer and supplier, Wagner is in a unique situation - nearly all our products are made from some percentage of pre- and post-consumer recycled material. An inherent property of all metal products is that they can be recycled after their intended use is no longer required.
Environmental Sustainability


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