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TEKA Illumination
40429 Brickyard Drive
Madera, CA 93636-9515

Tel : 559.438.5800
Fax: 559.438.5900

Nathan Sloan, President & CEO

TEKA Illumination offers the timeless beauty of copper, brass, bronze, and stainless steel materials to create our classic line of ‘Made in the USA’ fixtures. These enduring metals simply ‘weather’ over time and eventually achieve a natural patina that is breathtaking to behold. In addition, TEKA Illumination now offers every fixture in an aluminum option. Using the latest in LED technology, optics and controls, the styling, power and quality behind every fixture is a perfect fit for any setting.

Product Categories:
16222 LED Lighting
16500 Lighting
16501 Commercial, Industrial + Institutional
16515 Low-Voltage Lighting
16520 Exterior Lighting
16521 Exterior Building Lighting
16522 Landscape & Garden Lighting
16550 Special Purpose Lighting

Commercial + Residential


Showrooms / Distributors:
TEKA Illumination products are sold through its worldwide network of sales representatives.
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BirdView – Luxurious setting illuminated by Arcade Full Shield Series. (AR-FS)
Timber Frame Pool House – Alluring pathway with Miniature Beacon Path Lights (MBP)
Educational Landscape – Native plantings glow with High Light Path Classic. (HLP-C)
Manhattan Rooftop – Custom pendants illuminate a sophisticated dining setting.
Wild Goose Ranch – Ambient warmth with copper Beacon Stem Mount pendants. (BSM)
Pathway – High Light Path Moor lights show off beautiful patinas. (HLP-M)
Thayer Residence – Arcade Full Shield Series enhance the beauty of home. (AR-FS)
Carmel Plaza – Large Beacon Pole Mount adds beauty to outdoor locations (LBP)
Seaside – A close up of our Apollo Pillar low level fixture. (APL)
Among the Rocks – Our classic 1130 Path Light showcases landscaping (1130)
Kauai Residence – Relaxation enhanced by our Beacon Stem Mount pendant. (BSM)
Firestone Vineyards – Sleek and sturdy Beacon Bollards lead the way. (BSB)
Brands / Products:
Landscape and Architectural Lighting fixtures in copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminum and other materials for commercial and residential applications including Flood & Accent, Garden, Path & Area, Bollards, Pendants, Architectural Surface, Low Level & Wall Top, Post & Pole Mounted, Power Supply Housings, and Custom Applications.
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New Products:
The entire line of TEKA Illumination fixtures has been revamped to the latest in LED source technology, streamlined new silhouettes, additional finish options and every fixture now available in aluminum. Browse the classics such as the 1130 Path Light, High Light Path Lights in Bali, Moor and Classic, the High Light Wall Mount Lights in Bali, Moor, and Classic. Our pole top mounts such as the Large Beacon Pole Mount, the Tower Pole Mount and more have updated sources and optics. And our revamped bollards such as the Tower Beacon Bollard and the popular Beacon Bollard have state of the art options such as emergency battery backup, motion sensor, and more. Visit our sales bulletins link for information about each of our new releases.
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