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NCFI Polyurethanes
1515 Carter Street
P.O. Box 1528
Mt Airy, NC 27030

Tel : 800.346.8229
Fax: 336.789.9586
Contact: Sales

Steve Riddle, President
Nelson Clark, Senior Vice President

NCFI offers a wide range of spray-in-place polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation systems for residential and commercial use. We can provide closed-cell, open-cell, masonry wall insulation, roofing, and agricultural industrial SPF systems, all backed by our long-standing commitment to customer service and to staying on the leading edge of technology. Since 1964, NCFI has been an innovative leader in SPF insulation, as shown by winning the EPA Stratospheric Ozone Award for helping to protect the environment. In addition to our SPF product offerings, our team of experienced professionals offers a comprehensive, certified training program, step-by-step application procedures, and on-site technical assistance so your job is done right the first time. We also sell and service application equipment for our chemical systems.

Product Categories:
07200 Thermal Insulation + Protection
07210 Building Insulation + Foam Insulation
07220 Roof Insulation + Deck Insulation
07240 Exterior Insulation + Finish Systems (EIFS)


Green Green Products
Sealite™ is approved for unvented attic applications.
Sealite™ provides a seamless insulation barrier, allowing for total comfort throughout your home.
InsulStar® was used to seal holes and construction gaps for this renovation project.
InsulStar® delivers an R-value of R 6.4 per inch, compared to fiberglass batt at R 3.5.
InsulBloc™ Masonry Wall Insulation creates an airtight seal even around a curved wall.
InsulStar® expands rapidly after spraying to fill all cracks and crevices.
InsulStar® improves indoor air quality by keeping out dust and pollutants and inhibiting mold and mildew.
InsulStar® is perfect for unique architectural designs, large attics, crawlspaces and other hard-to-insulate areas.
InsulStar® creates a seamless air barrier that reduces energy needs by up to 50%.
EnduraTech™ acrylic roof coating can be applied in a tropical climate.
EnduraPlus™ Roofing System improves structural integrity, is seamless and lightweight.
EnduraRock™ Roofing System combines rigid polyurethane with a protective layer of gravel.
Brands / Products:
InsulStar® Closed-Cell High Performance Insulation, Sealite™ Open-Cell High Performance Residential Insulation, AgriThane™ Advanced Agricultural Insulation, InsulBloc® Masonry Wall Insulation, ThermalStop® Commercial/Industrial Insulation, TerraThane™ Advanced Erosion Control Barrier.

New Products:
foam insulation

Green Statement/Products:
Our innovative insulation systems shield building occupants against air infiltration, pollen, dust and noise pollution and can save customers up to 40% on their energy bills.
SPF Insulation Products

Energy Star, NAHB, USGBC

Sealite Insulation
EnduraTech Roofing
Roofing and Coatings
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