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1153 State Route 46 North
Jefferson, OH 44047

Tel : 800.268.7809
Fax: 905.632.8116
Contact: Sarah Guyatt

Greg Button- President
Sarah Guyatt - VP Marketing
Peter Gorman – VP King Luminaire

Innovative design, steadfast quality, minimal maintenance, and evolving technology are what King Luminaire prides itself on. Together with StressCrete spun concrete poles, we’ve aspired to be an industry leader since 1953. We deliver an unparalleled selection of poles, site furnishings, luminaires, bollards and accessories, coupled with superior lighting efficiency and photometric performance. Our focus on developing green technology has enabled us to provide innovative, environmentally friendly products for both the lighting and utility industries.

Product Categories:
02845 Bollards + Barriers
03480 Bollards + Precast Concrete
16222 LED Lighting
16500 Lighting
16501 Commercial, Industrial + Institutional
16502 Residential Lighting
16520 Exterior Lighting
16523 Street + Parking Lot Lighting

Commercial + Residential


Showrooms / Distributors:
Showrooms and Distributors: To arrange plant tours please see our contact page:
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Green Green Products
Square Tapered Symmetry Series Pole & K901 Luminaire
Round Grey Utility Poles
Washington Lit Concrete Bollard
K704 Coronet Luminaire with High Rise Aluminum Single Arm with Banner Arm
K118 LED Washington Luminaire and Ionic Concrete Pole
K134 York Post top with Canterbury Ornamental Aluminum Pole
K204 Viscount Pendant with a Concrete Belmont Pole
K601 Empress with a Memphis Concrete Pole
L: K56 Cleveland Post Top & R: K804 Coronet with KA30-S-xx Scroll Arm w/ Decorative Scroll both on a Talisman Concrete Pole
"K56 Cleveland Pendant on a
K139 Washington Post Top on a KA52 San Carlos Wall Bracket
Round Grey Utility Poles for Wind Distribution Farm
Brands / Products:
King Luminaire, StressCrete, Washington Luminaire

Streetlighting Poles, Ornamental Poles, Sportslighting Poles, Utility Poles, Specialty Poles, Arms & Accessories, Luminaires, Post Tops, Pendants, Area Lighting, LED Post Tops, LED Pendants, Bollards, Concrete Bollards, Metal Bollards, Poles, Traditional Spun Concrete, Ferronite Ductile Iron, Ornamental Aluminum, Pole/Base Combinations, Arms and Accessories, Single & Mulitple Arms, Twin Arms, Wall Brackets, Streetlighting Arms, Sportslighting Arms, General Accessories, Streetlighting Accessories, Sportslighting Accessories, Utility Pole Accessories, Capitals, Finials, Plumbizers, Benches, Trash Receptacles, Bicycle Racks, Tree Guards/Grates

King Luminaire
K118 Washington

New Products:
LED Conversion Systems, New Americana Series Decorative Concrete Poles, Site Furnishings
Conversion Systems
New Americana Series Decorative Concrete Poles
Site Furnishings

Green Statement/Products:
The StressCrete Group is committed to developing new and innovative products that are both high in quality, as well as friendly to the environment. We have taken this commitment to the next level by creating a line of industry-leading green energy products. Our impressive line of LED light fixtures use two thirds of the power consumption of traditional outdoor street lights, yet provide the same amount of light. Our fully reusable concrete poles and use of local building material allows our products to contribute credits to the LEED® program. Whether it be sustainable street lighting, or concrete power poles for a wind farm, when it comes to the environment, the StressCrete Group is lighting the way™.
Green Products

Energy Star, IDS, USGBC

About StressCrete Group
StessCrete Products
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Green Products
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Technical Resources
New LED Conversion System
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