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Reynolds Polymer Technology
607 Hollingsworth St.
Grand Junction, CO 81505

Tel : 970.241.4700
Contact: Michael Gibson

Roger R. Reynolds III, CEO
Peter DiGrazia, President
Michael Gibson, VP Sales and Marketing

Chances are that if you can dream it, we can build it – even if you’ve been told it’s “impossible” to build. Our focus is on making the “impossible” possible. Whether you bring us your idea sketched onto a cocktail napkin or a fully detailed drawing, we’ll work with you to determine the details of it. With almost 30 years’ experience, Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc. is constantly reinventing the definition of what can be done with acrylic and resin, thanks to our advanced technology and inherent innovative nature.

Product Categories:
02815 Water Features: Fountains, Waterwalls + Waterfalls
06500 Plastic: Structural, Fabrications + Railings
09940 Decorative Finishes
10430 Signage, Banners + Plaques
10600 Partitions, Screens + Panels
13070 Bullet Resistant Protection Rooms
13150 Swimming Pools, Spas + Fountains
13160 Aquariums

Commercial + Residential

Green Green Products
R-Cast™ Ice retains all of the same properties of R-Cast™ acrylic but adds a uniquely realistic ice texture to the surface. The ice is completely randomized and is well-suited to any number of functional or aesthetic applications.
Perfect for signage and other applications that benefit from lighting, the R-Cast™ Laminate material provides a soft glow that is sure to attract attention to it. Available in a variety of colors and able to be formed into nearly any shape.
With the ability to select from our large library of images or to create a fully customized image for your next project, R-Cast™ Mirage gives you the flexibility and creativity you desire. Here, the Rainbow pattern is displayed above the bar.
Blocking the transmission of any light is the R-Cast™ Opaque product line. Retaining the same physical properties of clear R-Cast™ acrylic, the Opaque product is well-suited for architectural and furniture applications.
R-Cast™ acrylic is formable and bondable, two important qualities in achieving the design you are looking for. Here, R-Cast™ acrylic was formed and bonded into an eight-foot diameter hollow sphere that functions as a soothing water feature.
R-Cast™ Acrylic sheet is extremely versatile, suitable for use for anything from scientific endeavors to aesthetic trimmings, such as seen here at the Derek Lam store in New York City.
Continually trying to accomplish new, complex feats with acrylic often leads to profound discoveries of what can truly be achieved with acrylic. Proof of this lies with the 12 foot tall sculptures formed entirely out of acrylic.
R-Cast™ Acrylic sheet is perfect for any water-retaining projects, from cantilevered pools off of balconies to decorative ponds, as seen here with the pool that functions as a skylight to the floor below at the Six Senses Spa in Elounda, Crete, Greece.
R-Cast™ Rod and Tube is available in a variety of stock and custom sizes to suit your next project. Here, orange acrylic tube is used throughout the lobby of the Sands Casino & Resort in Bethlehem, PA.
Brands / Products:
R-Cast™ acrylic R-Cast™ laminate R-Cast™ opaque R-Cast™ Mirage R-Cast™ Palette R-Cast™ Textures R-Cast™ Ice R-Cast™ Dura

Green Statement/Products:
Globally, we are working to leave as small of a footprint as possible. A panel of dedicated employees developed internal manufacturing goals and then implemented methods to reduce waste and consumption of natural resources. We are not stopping there, though. We continue to look for new or better ways to improve our energy efficiencies in the office, in the plant, and in our products.

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