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DW Dots
1345 Horsemill Road
El Cajon, CA 92021

Tel : 619.582.9600
Fax: 619.582.9608
Contact: Chris Hyams

Christopher A.J. Hyams
Shirl A. Hyams

Detectable Warning areas are to be maintained for life. Why install a product that might last five years? What about a product that has the possibility of lasting the life of a concrete sidewalk? Current requirements for durability are for foot traffic and natural exposure. Why not have a Detectable Warning field that will withstand heavy abuse of the real world, such as cars, busses and heavy equipment/deliveries as well as foot traffic.

Product Categories:
02700 Pavements, Bases + Ballasts
02760 Paving Specialties + Markings
02840 Walk, Road & Parking Appurtenances
02841 ADA Detectable Tiles, Strips + Ramps
05050 Metal Materials + Methods
05530 Metal Gratings, Plates, Treads + Nosing
09960 High-Performance + Special Coatings
10820 ADA Equipment + Grab Bars



Showrooms / Distributors:
Please contact us directly to learn more about products.

Indoor Drop off (Port-a-Dajour) Beverly Center, Los Agneles, CA
Individual detectable dome system fits any size or shape area
Can be installed in stone prior to tiling
Diagram - Individual Detectable Warning System
Truly flush to surrounding areas
Separates roadway from walkway
Design build flexibility
Elegant and seamless - Most attractable field around
DURABLITY with concrete and steel
Can be installed in various materials
Historical wood
Buit to last - made from solid metals this will withstands the last real-world abuses
Brands / Products:
DW Dots is committed to creating products that work with Architectural design. We think that ADA accessibility is not an afterthought and should be part of the designers process.

New Products:
Peg extenders
Brass domes
Bronze domes
Custom sizes available...

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Federal Specifications and Requirements
ADA Home
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