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Bartley Group
27071 Cabot Road, Suite 125
Laguna Hills, CA 92653

Tel : 888.846.0029
Fax: 949.600.5309
Contact: Ramana Sheik

Ramana Sheik, Project Manager

For over 30 years, Bartley Group, Inc. has been providing products that are unsurpassed in beauty, acoustical functionality and price. With a wide array of solutions available, ranging from Wide Width Seamless Fabrics & Prints to Acoustic Wood Panels, Bartley Group, Inc. is YourSolution!™ to all your Acoustical Interior Design & Architectural Needs!

Product Categories:
06250 Wood Paneling + Veneers
09130 Acoustical Suspension Ceilings
09510 Acoustical Ceilings
09545 Specialty + Integrated Ceilings
09630 Stone Flooring + Facing
09700 Wall Finishes, Wall Fabrics + Coverings
09770 Special Wall Surfaces + Panels
16222 LED Lighting

Commercial + Residential


Showrooms / Distributors:
To make an appointment to visit our showroom at Fabric Wallcraft of CA, in Anaheim or to locate your local rep, please contact us toll free at 888.846.0029 or info@bartleygroupinc.com.

Green Green Products
Honda R&D Conference Room
USD Torero Bookstore: FabriTRAK® System and wide width fabric w/ customized backlit clouds ceiling installation.
St. Margaret’s Performing Center: Murano Acoustics™ Acoustic wood panels installed on a performing arts center’s ceiling.
49ers Stadium: Suspended Custom Barrisol® Printed Panels showcasing the teams historical's figures.
Pernard Ricardo: FabriTRAK® custom printed wide width fabric wall installation in an office lobby.
Home Theater: Murano Acoustics™ acoustic wood panels installed on walls of a home theater.
It’s Sugar: Barrisol® custom curved frames w/ seamless membrane installed on candy store ceiling.
St. Viator: GeoTRAK®, PVC free alternative for acoustical solutions, FabriSPAN panel installation on Church walls.
Balboa Yacht Club Restaurant: Murano Acoustics™ acoustic wood ceiling panels installed in a yacht club’s restaurant.
W Hotel: Ceiling installation of translucent colored LEDs behind a Barrisol® translucent membrane.
South Park: FabriTRAK® system on MDF frames and fabric installed on an office wall.
Jansen Engineering Auditorium: Murano Acoustics™ acoustic wood panels installed on a university classroom’s walls.
Brands / Products:
Artolis® Printed Walls, Artolis® Digital Printing, Artolis Technical Textiles, Artolis® Wide Width Print Options, Richter Stone Veneer
Barrisol® Stretch Membrane Acoustical & Luminous Ceiling Systems

FabriTRAK® Stretch Fabric Acoustical Wall & Ceiling Panels
Murano Acoustics™ Wood Veneer Acoustical Wall & Ceiling Panel Systems
Richter Veneer Technology® Acoustic Lightboard Wall/Ceiling Panels

New Products:
Murano Acoustics® Micro-Perforated P104 wood panels.
Design Specification for P104 Micro-Perforate Panels (not uploaded to website; avail upon request)

Green Statement/Products:
The TerrAcoustics® product line from Murano Acoustics™ is designed to provide a wooden acoustical solution for walls and ceilings to help achieve you or your client’s environmental stewardship goals. To learn more about TerrAcoustics, click here!


Technical Links:
Murano Acoustics

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