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Stûv America
4747 Bourg
Montreal, QC H4T 1H9

Tel : 866.487.7888
Fax: 514.528.9538
Contact: Nadia Gilbert

Vincent Boudreau
Nadia Gilbert

Stûv, a state of mind ! Since it was created in 1983, Stûv has focused its efforts on developing a contemporary approach to the fireplace. The simplicity and clean lines of Stûv’s first fireplaces were the signature of the company’s pure and minimalist approach, a philosophy that still prevails today. Stûv has always paid particular attention to the functional aspects of its fireplaces and has made many innovations that have set standards in the stove and fireplace industry. Today, more than ever, Stûv is looking for innovative solutions that integrate renewable energy into the heating systems of tomorrow. This is the Stûv’s state of mind.

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04500 Fireplaces + Refractories
10300 Fireplaces, Stoves + Mantels
11430 Grills, Stoves, Stove Tops + Ranges
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12500 Furniture
12580 Residential Furniture + Furnishings
12581 Living + Dining Room Furniture
12586 Modern Furniture: Residential

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In 2006, we travelled to Belgium to visit Stûv’s facilities. It was love at first sight ! We saw a business opportunity in the ingenious streamlined stoves and fireplaces that had not yet reached the North American market. But beyond a remarkable line of products, we discovered a human-oriented company that cared about designing safe products that understand, respect and value the special bond humans have with fire. But it is also our meeting with Stûv’s founders that marked our stay. We met people simple and down-to-earth who never pull away from their original philosophy and who never rest and take things for granted despite Stûv’s undeniable success ! From that meeting, Stûv America was created. Since 2007, we have been living up to this philosophy by sharing the passion, the fire … the Stûv state of mind. The Stûv America team
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21 Series
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Stuv Gas, Compact Stoves
Stuv going into gas
Freestanding fireplace
Compact H

Green Statement/Products:
Stûv has always produced high-performance stoves, which means transforming as much energy from the combustion of wood into heat as possible. It's a matter of economy. But it's also a question of ecology, because these stoves emit less heat and smoke into the atmosphere. Today, all Stûv stoves have been tested in accordance with European standards, but our technical staff still work relentlessly to achieve even greater improvements in the efficiency of the stoves to reduce emissions and to create products that can be intelligently integrated into the homes of the future.

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