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PolyGrate by Structural Plastics
3401 Chief Drive
Holly, MI 48442

Tel : 800.523.6899 ext. 212
Fax: 810.953.9440
Contact: Mary Berklich

Mary Berklich, National Account Manager

With over 1,500 installations Worldwide, PolyGrate™ provides the best value for your project dollar. It’s all-plastic tree grates have been specified by city planners, municipalities, landscape architects, contractors, civil engineers, and commercial real estate developers for new and retrofit projects of all size and type.

Product Categories:
02700 Pavements, Bases + Ballasts
02780 Hardscapes, Unit Pavers + Porous Paving
02800 Improvements + Amenities
02840 Walk, Road & Parking Appurtenances
02872 Outdoor Sculpture + Ornamental Work
02900 Planting, Trees, Lawns + Landscape
02945 Planting Accessories + Landscape Edging
06050 Wood + Plastic Materials



Showrooms / Distributors:
Purchase PolyGate on our website or through one of our network distributors. Please contact us at 800.523.6899 for more information.

Green Green Products
3-foot round plastic tree grate at playground for daycare facility.
4-foot square tree grate for a row of trees along city pedestrian sidewalk.
Square tree grate on brick pedestrian walkway with concrete surround.
8-foot rectangle plastic tree grate for pedestrian walkway.
5-foot square tree grate with a new concrete surround.
Combination round and square plastic tree grate for pedestrian sidewalk.
Step 1 of tree grate installation: Attach PolyGrate frame support bar into concreate.
Step 2 of tree grate installation: Fill tree pit with self-compacting aggregate.
Step 3 of tree grate installation: Join halves with tamper-resistant bolt.
Step 4 of tree grate installation: Lower grate into place.
Easily expand tree grate hole opening with a common saw to accommodate tree growth.
Square tree grate in wide city pedestrian walkway.
4’ x 8’ PolyGrate™ Tree Grate
4' x 8'’ PolyGrate™ tree grates with extensions Bay Area Transit Corridor Enhancement
4’x4’ square PolyGrate™ tree grates
5’x5’ square PolyGrate™ tree grates
Brands / Products:
PolyGrate™ Recycled Plastic Tree Grates are the most affordable, easiest to install and maintenance-free pedestrian sidewalk tree grate solution on the market today.Made from 100% post-consumer plastic with UV inhibitors, our tree grates are extremely lightweight, durable, easy to install, and costs about one third the price of an iron tree grate.

Green Statement/Products:
PolyGrate™ maintains a smaller carbon footprint through reduced fuel consumption, lowercarbon emissions, and its lightweight design for shipment and installation.
Green Products

OCC Outdoor Distributor
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