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BioNova® Natural Pools
21 US Hwy.46
Hackettstown, NJ 07840

Tel : 507.246.6682
Contact: James Robyn

James Robyn- President/CEO
Hae-Sun Park Robyn- Vice Pres/COO

The Pool Reinvented – Plants Instead of Chemicals™

BioNova® is the preeminent name for expertise in design, construction, planning, and maintenance of Natural Swimming Pools (NSPs). Coupled with over 30 years of experience in the traditional chemical pool industry and an international support network of intellectual resources, BioNova® Natural Pools in North America designs and builds NSPs that use proven techniques and technologies. A patented biological filtration system allows for the creation of swimming pools that are 100% chemical-free, ecologically harmonious, and healthy for humans and the environment. Natural Swimming Pools offer greater environmental sustainability and very low energy consumption while creating beautiful, unique and fun designs for a safe, chemical-free swimming experience.

Product Categories:

Commercial + Residential

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BioNova® Natural Swimming Pools are constructed wetlands ecosystems built to replicate and optimize the processes found in natural bodies of water like rivers, ponds, lakes, and streams. NSPs can be built in any climate and on any scale, including residential, commercial, and large public installations. Carefully selected aquatic plants and beneficial microbes clarify and purify the water without the use of harmful chemicals… the way Mother Nature intended. In addition to fully custom-designed pools, BioNova® Natural Pools offers cost effective, pre-configured pools in three different shapes and sizes. The BioPool™ Family of BioNova® NSPs uses proven, patented biological filtration technology to ensure proper water quality while staying within the client’s budget. BioPool™ technology can also be adapted to retrofit an existing swimming pool, effectively converting it to a 100% chemical-free BioNova® Natural Swimming Pool.


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