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Palmex Synthetic Thatch Roofing
2518 Chemin des Entreprises
Saint Sauveur, QC J0R 1R7

Tel : 450.227.5121

Richard Maillé, President

Since 1998, Palmex International has been dedicated to innovating solutions for tropical-style roofing. Our synthetic thatch offers unparalleled benefits over natural thatch, providing peace-of-mind and delivering exceptional returns on investment. With a growing network of 70 distributors across 5 continents, Palmex stands as the global leader in the tropical roofing industry.

Product Categories:
02870 Site Furnishings: Seating, Tables + Gazebos
02881 Shade Structures + Umbrellas
07050 Thermal + Moisture Protection/Covering
07300 Shingles, Roof Tile, Roof Tiles + Roof Coverings
07430 Plastic + Composite Roofing + Wall Panel
07555 Green Roofing + Wall Systems
09545 Specialty + Integrated Ceilings
12584 Outdoor Furniture + Site Furniture

Commercial + Residential


Showrooms / Distributors:
Through our network of distributors: Find a distributor
At the head office: 2518 chemin des Entreprises, St Sauveur, Quebec, Canada J01 1R7
Please call us at +1.450.227.5121 or email us at infos@palmex-international.com

Green Green Products
Overwater Hotel and Spa, Brazil
Campground Vacation Rentals, Canada
Gazebo on a Floating Dock, Canada
Palmex Suitable for any Shape Dome, Maldives
Restaurant Sofitel, Fiji
Residential Outdoor Kitchen
Private Boat on the Lake, USA
Residential Bar by the Pool, Canada
Relaxing Beach Area, Mexico
Palmex Safe for Animals Aviary in a Zoo, France
Large Size Roof Leaves on Rafters, Honduras
Installation directly on rafters with Palmex railing system
Union between a metal sheathing and the Palmex roof
Tree House Vacation Resort, France
Vacation Resort on the Lake, France
Palmex New Coco Colour, Spain
Brands / Products:
Original Collection: Rioha , Samana, Aforika , Dombora; regular and fire retardant.
Exotic Collection: Asian Reed Thatch, African Reed Thatch, Asian Reed Ceiling, African Reed Ceiling.
Outdoor Living Collection: Asian Reed Umbrellas, Sumatra Umbrellas, Asian Reed Savannah Umbrellas.
Synthetic Thatch Roofing Tobacco Color (natural), Coco Color (white), Verde Color (green).
Synthetic Bamboo Natural and Green, Synthetic Thatch Ceiling, Tropical-Style Umbrellas.

Palmex Original Collection - Tropical Thatch Roofing
Palmex Exotic Collection - Tropical Roofing
Outdoor Living - Outdoor Furniture

New Products:
Palmex Curved Umbrella
Palmex Straight Post Umbrella
Palmex Daybed Hut

Green Statement/Products:
Palmex, with its 50-year lifespan, tackles global over-harvesting by providing eco-friendly roofing solutions. It eliminates the need of toxic treatments and ensures zero waste through meticulous recycling. Palmex packaging is reusable, doubling as a roof membrane. Its wind resistance prevents plastic pollution in the ocean. Compared to natural thatch, Palmex reduces carbon footprint with 100% recyclable materials. Certified by a laboratory, Palmex is eligible for LEED credits. Its compressed packaging minimizes transport volume, cutting emissions by up to 10 times compared to natural leaves. Additionally, Palmex offers energy-saving benefits with superior insulation for air-conditioned buildings.


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Technical Links:
Request to download the installation guide
Fire-retardant test
Hurricane proof

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