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Delta Performance Products
9126 Industrial Blvd NE
Covington, GA 30014

Tel : 678.729.9330
Fax: 678.729.9336
Contact: Shawn Hays

Shawn Hays

Delta Performance products are state of the art materials and formulas that optimize the stability, workmanship and surface beauty of concrete. We provide materials and formulas that when combined with our integral colors provide endless possibilities for artisans, designers, architects and contractors. The beauty in your final project comes from our science and passion for the natural material of concrete.

Product Categories:
03050 Concrete Materials + Methods
03100 ICFs, Concrete Forms, Molds + Accessories
03200 Concrete Reinforcement
03300 Structural Concrete, Cast in Place
03360 Concrete Finishes
03390 Concrete Curing
03400 Precast Concrete
03450 Precast Architectural Concrete

Commercial + Residential


Showrooms / Distributors:
Buddy Rhodes Studio in San Francisco showcases examples of finished concrete made with Buddy Rhodes materials and methods. Mandala Studio is located at Delta Performance Products LLC headquarters in Covington, GA. Custom color and finished concrete Concepts. Buddy Rhodes Retail Locations
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Green Green Products
Commercial Countertops Pottery Barn by Buddy Rhodes Studio
Custom Fireplace by Buddy Rhodes Studio
Bank of America Rooftop by Buddy Rhodes Studio
Custom Fireplace by Buddy Rhodes Studio
Custom Stairs Zuni Cafe by Buddy Rhodes Studio
Custom Curved Countertop by Buddy Rhodes Studio
Custom tub,sink,vanity by Buddy Rhodes Studio
Custom Kitchen Island by Buddy Rhodes Studio
Estate Pool Tile by Buddy Rhodes Studio
Kitchen Countertop Island
Outdoor Kitchen by Buddy Rhodes Studio
GFRC thin Curved Fireplace It's Concrete
Brands / Products:
Buddy Rhodes Bone White Mix;Buddy Rhodes Concrete Products; Blue Concrete Colors; Blue Concrete Custom Color; Blue Concrete Admixtures
Buddy Rhodes Bone White Mix
Buddy Rhodes Concrete Products
Blue Concrete Colors

New Products:
Blue Fuzion ECC; Blue Concrete ZFRC
Blue Concrete ECC
Blue Concrete ZFRC

Green Statement/Products:
Concrete can itself be considered green in that it is built to last and can be refinished many times. It can be extended with up to 30% post consumer or post-industrial content; it does not off-gas chemical air pollutants, and it is not shipped from overseas. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating Systemâ„¢ gives points for aspects of construction that indicate sustainable practices. Concrete countertops achieve LEED points for being regionally manufactured, not emitting off-gas (many plastic surfaces do), and the use of post-consumer (recycled glass) and, to a lesser extent, post-industrial material.

Blue Concrete Admixtures
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Buddy Rhodes Training
Buddy Rhodes Videos

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