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Safety Rail Company
4244 Shoreline Drive
Spring Park, MN 55384

Tel : 888.434.2720

Safety Rail Company makes OSHA-compliant fall protection safety railings and guard rail systems that are durable and innovative, but still affordable. With years of industry experience, our fall protection products are engineered first and foremost to save lives! Beyond the primary goal of safety, we take our products a step further, making them easier to assemble, configure, use, and store.

Product Categories:
05510 Metal Stairs, Spiral, Ladders + Balconies
05520 Metal Handrails, Railings + Guardrails
07720 Roof Specialty: Vents, Gutters, Fasteners
11160 Loading Dock Equipment
13120 Pre Engineered + Prefabricated Structures



Showrooms / Distributors:
For help with your next safety guard rail project, call our toll-free number below or email us your plan documents, specifications or questions.
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SRC 360 Portable Fall Protection Railings are non-penetrating for flat roofs
LadderGuard Lite are OSHA compliant guards to protect workers at fixed ladders
CrossOver Stairs allow workers to safely traverse obstacles or reach higher elevations
Fall Restraint System designed to prevent worker from reaching a leading edge
Custom Mezzanine fabrication and installation for all types of industry
We manufacture all types of permanent fixed, caged or ships ladders
Pre-fab and custom Permanent Railing Systems for floor and elevated platform guarding
We manufacture permanent railings for buildings, platforms, mobile structures
Accu-Fit Mobile Railings offer aesthetically pleasing architectural flair to compliment building lines
We offer many different options of fall protection loading dock gates
Skylight guards come in a wide variety of sizes and guarding options
SRC HatchGuards offer non-penetrating OSHA compliant roof hatch fall protection
Brands / Products:
Mobile Safety Rail, Accu-Fit Guardrail, Permanent Guardrail, Roof Hatch Guards & Fixed Ladder Guarding, Visual Warning Lines, Gates, Skylight Guarding, Fixed & Caged Ladders, Mezzanine Systems, Cross-Over Ladders, Mobile Fall Arrest & Restraint Systems.
Mobile Safety Rail
Accu-Fit Guardrail
Permanent Guardrail

New Products:
SRC360 Mobile Railing
Rooftop Access Guarding
Modular Crossover Stairs
Fixed Ladder Guarding

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