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Ceramitex® by Elemex
530 Admiral Drive
London, ON N5V 0B2

Tel : 844.435.3639
Fax: 519.455.0253
Contact: Inside Sales

Ceramitex by Elemex is a North American code compliant facade system for commercial exteriors that simply outperforms other surfaces for design, durability, and complete support. Our large format sintered ceramic panels are integrated onto our proprietary Unity attachment technology that supports large mitered returns and designs ranging from flat to more complex shapes. With over 53 colors and surfaces made from natural pigments, Ceramitex delivers striking aesthetics with the ability to resist graffiti, scratches, climate, and the test of time. Supported by our 360° Advantage and built on our proprietary Unity integrated attachment technology, Ceramitex is engineered to last and keep your building looking as beautiful as the day you designed it.

Product Categories:
04430 Stone: Quarried + Cut Stone Stone Cladding
07410 Metal Roofing + Wall Panels Cladding
07415 Stone Roofing + Wall Panels Cladding
07430 Plastic + Composite Roofing + Wall Panel
07457 Cementitious Panels
09770 Special Wall Surfaces + Panels



Showrooms / Distributors:
Distributors throughout United States and Canada. Contact us at info@elemex.com for locations in your area.

Green Green Products
Canada Science and Technology Museum, Ottawa, Ontario
Vaughan Civic Centre Resource Library, Vaughan, Ontario (detail)
Medical Council of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario
Nordstrom Rideau, Ottawa, Ontario
Nordstrom Rideau, Ottawa, Ontario
Large Format Ceramitex® Sintered Ceramic Panels
Elemex - Ceramitex® Sintered Ceramic Mitered Corner Detail
Ceramitex® panels are strong, lightweight and extremely resilient against high traffic abrasion.
Elemex Architectural Facade Systems, London Headquarters
Vaughan Civic Centre Resource Library, Vaughan, Ontario
Sodecia Global and Technical Automotive Plant, London, Ontario
Pressure Equalized Rear Ventilated Rainscreen Systems
Features & Benefits: Code Compliant, Climate Defiant, Lightweight
Features & Benefits: Waterproof, Graffiti Proof, UV Resistant, Scratch Resistant
Features & Benefits: Large Format, Impact Resistant, Mitered Corners
Ceramitex is Graffiti Proof – easy to maintain and impervious to chemicals.
Brands / Products:
Ceramitex® Sintered Ceramic Facade System
Alumitex® Aluminum Facade System

Stonitex - Natural Stone Facade System
Solstex - Solar Facade System
Unity® Attachment Technology

Green Statement/Products:
Ceramitex® Sintered Ceramic Panels are composed of 100% natural materials such as sand, clay and natural pigments and are completely recyclable by a building materials recycler. The panel contains up to 52% of pre-consumer recycled materials. The patented UNITY® Attachment Technology upon which the panel is mounted is composed of aluminum and is virtually 100% recyclable. All of our employees are committed to eliminating unnecessary waste in the overall production process and in our office environment. 

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