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Renaissance Fireplaces by ICC Industrial Chimney
400 J.F. Kennedy, St.
Jerome, QC J7Y 4B7

Tel : 450.565.6336
Fax: 450.565.6519
Renaissance Fireplaces

Clean doesn’t mean compromise.

Renaissance is the only fireplace line to win awards from the American EPA, the design community, and from the fireplace industry.

Whether you’re building a passive home or renovating a 100-year-old cottage, Renaissance’s patented open fireplace design offers the satisfying crackle of wood with the low emissions expected from a modern appliance.

Product Categories:
04500 Fireplaces + Refractories
10300 Fireplaces, Stoves + Mantels
11430 Grills, Stoves, Stove Tops + Ranges
11450 Residential Appliances + Equipment
12584 Outdoor Furniture + Site Furniture


MarketNorth America

Showrooms / Distributors:
Purchase Renaissance Fireplaces from One of our specialized dealers. To locate a dealer or a showroom go to our dealer locator.

A Renaissance Uptown 600 in an urban setting
Renaissance Rumford 1500 with a beautiful mountain view
Spectacular finishing of this Renaissance Rumford 1000 in North Carolina
A Renaissance Linear 50 in the Colorado mountains
Le BOL Grill‘s sphere design is a natural social gathering focal point
Renaissance Rumford 1500 in Milles Isles, Quebec
A close up of a Renaissance Rumford 1000 with herringbone pattern panels
Our Renaissance Linear 50 with long linear intake and outlet grills
Firing up Le BOL Grill with wood for a feast
Le BOL Grill has lots of space to cook for your whole gang
Brands / Products:
Renaissance Uptown 600
Rumford 1500
Rumford 1000

New Products:
Le BOL Grill

Renaissance Fireplaces Products
Rumford Fireplaces
Linear Fireplaces
Le BOL Grill
Technical Links:
Why it is Cleaner
How it Works
Guillotine Door System
Our Dealer Locator

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