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Renaissance Fireplaces by ICC Industrial Chimney
400 J.F. Kennedy, St.
Jerome, QC J7Y 4B7

Tel : 450.565.6336
Fax: 450.565.6519

Clean doesn’t mean compromise.

Renaissance is the only fireplace line to win awards from the American EPA, the design community, and from the fireplace industry.

Whether you’re building a passive home or renovating a 100-year-old cottage, Renaissance’s patented open fireplace design offers the satisfying crackle of wood with the low emissions expected from a modern appliance.

Product Categories:
04500 Fireplaces + Refractories
10300 Fireplaces, Stoves + Mantels
11430 Grills, Stoves, Stove Tops + Ranges
11450 Residential Appliances + Equipment
12584 Outdoor Furniture + Site Furniture


MarketNorth America

Showrooms / Distributors:
Purchase Renaissance Fireplaces from One of our specialized dealers. To locate a dealer or a showroom go to our dealer locator.

A Renaissance Uptown 600 in an urban setting
Renaissance Rumford 1500 with a beautiful mountain view
Spectacular finishing of this Renaissance Rumford 1000 in North Carolina
A Renaissance Linear 50 in the Colorado mountains
Le BOL Grill‘s sphere design is a natural social gathering focal point
Renaissance Rumford 1500 in Milles Isles, Quebec
A close up of a Renaissance Rumford 1000 with herringbone pattern panels
Our Renaissance Linear 50 with long linear intake and outlet grills
Firing up Le BOL Grill with wood for a feast
Le BOL Grill has lots of space to cook for your whole gang
Brands / Products:
Renaissance Uptown 600
Rumford 1500
Rumford 1000

New Products:
Le BOL Grill

Renaissance Fireplaces Products
Rumford Fireplaces
Linear Fireplaces
Le BOL Grill
Technical Links:
Why it is Cleaner
How it Works
Guillotine Door System
Our Dealer Locator

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