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CityLift Parking
2335 Broadway, Suite 100
Oakland, CA 94612

Tel : 510.243.7601
Contact: Scott Woodworth, Inside Sales Leader

Scott Gable, CEO
Terence Chen, Chief Engineer

CityLift Parking designs, manufactures, installs and services automated parking systems that reduce the footprint needed for parking and can typically be done at a lower cost per space than conventional parking. CityLift is headquartered in Oakland, CA and has offices in Los Angeles, Portland, Miami and Boston.

US Based. After installing over 65,000 units, across 13 countries—our carefully-selected manufacturing partners are best-in-class. Working together, we have the insight to save you the space you need cost effectively and safely. Over 3,500 spaces under contract, constructed and/or under construction with many installations you can tour throughout the US.

Product Categories:
11140 Vehicle Service Equipment
11150 Parking Control Equipment
14200 Elevators + Lifts
14400 Wheelchair, Platform + Vehicle Lifts
14450 Vehicle Lifts



Showrooms / Distributors:
Processes and Purchasing:
Design, Manufacture, Install & Service
Purchase directly through CityLift Parking
In person & system training package provided upon installation with property manager

Get in touch with an expert to see if our system is right for your project.

Green Green Products
Inside view of our Fully Futomated Tower System
Two Level Puzzle System @ Broadway Grand in Oakland
Three Level Puzzle System with Pit with 75 automated spaces @ Maxwell Apartments
Three Level Puzzle with 43 automated spaces @ H3 Hotel
Cross section view of cars parked in a Puzzle system
Three Level Puzzle with Pits @ Idora Apartments
Gate up ready for vehicle to park
Cross view of an empty Puzzle System
Fully Automated Subterranean Aisle System
Three Level Puzzle with Pits animation
Hive Fully Automated Tower with 39 automated spaces in Oakland
Front view of a multi-level Puzzle system
Brands / Products:
Racks, Rails, Chains and Electric Motors (no hydraulics)
All systems can be set up for EV charging
Puzzles: 2-7 levels high with pits option. Semi-automated with key fob. No attendant required for assigned parkers. Average retrieval time roughly 33 seconds.
Fully Automated: Subterranean up through 20 stories high. Pull your car in and the system automatically takes it to the parking space and retrieves it automatically. Average retrieval time 120 seconds.
Stackers: 2 levels above ground and pits option. Manually operated. Average retrieval time 33 seconds.


Green Statement/Products:
The majority of car exhaust comes from cars idling while searching for a parking spot. The Hive installation in Oakland, CA is one example of how our automated parking solution greatly reduces greenhouse gases.The Hive Automated Parking Structure is the first and only fully automated parking structure in Northern California. Built on a 1,600 square foot footprint, about the size of seven parking spaces, the structure increases the parking capacity by almost six-fold to 39 vehicles. Constructed at a cost comparable to a conventional parking garage, the structure used 69% less construction material per parking space, and over its lifetime, will eliminate 91% of the greenhouse gas emissions vs. a comparable conventional parking structure. The Hive Parking Structure is currently being certified under the US Green Building Council through its Parksmart program, the LEED equivalent for parking structures, as the first of its kind in the US.
The Hive Automated Parking Structure

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