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Solar Graphics Designs
12167 49th Ave N Suite 100
Clearwater, FL 33762

Tel : 727.327.4288

Richard Purdum - President

Since 1981 Solar Graphics has lead the industry with award-winning storefront window film graphics. With thousands of installs for retail storefronts, homes, churches and more, Solar Graphics has unmatched experience. Starting in 2006 Solar Graphics began supplying the decorative industry our custom designed high quality films. Now you can use our superior product to market, design and install your own graphics that is far superior to any other medium for glass, including paint and vinyl.
Solar Graphics films last longer than any other product for glass applications. The films also function as a solar control film. They are available in reflective or non-reflective colors, transparent or translucent for back lighting. Day or night, Solar Graphics films maintain high impact visibility.

Product Categories:
08800 Glass, Glazing, Films + Mirrors
08810 Blast Resistant + Protective Glazing
08812 Decorative Glazing + Stained Glass
09940 Decorative Finishes
10100 Visual Display Boards + Chalkboards
12170 Art Glass, Etched Glass + Stained Glass

Commercial + Residential

Brands / Products:
Colored Films, Decorative Window Films, Architectural Exterior Films, Digital Print on Film, Films for the Home, Film Art, Colored Glass Blocks, Colored Mirrors, Dry Erase Boards, Lightgard Film, Neutral Density Films.
Colored Films
Architectural Exterior Window Films
Colored Films for the Home

New Products:
Our newest product, colored glass blocks, are an amazing option for a unique interior designs. Our films back the blocks adding vibrant color to any room.
Solar Graphics now offers an exclusive product, colored mirrors.
We now offer colored glass dry erase boards.

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Technical Links:
Neutral Density Films Spec
LightGard RC-3 Specs
Color Chart

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