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Grandoor Frames
P O Box 781968
San Antonio, TX 78278

Tel : 210.322.5900

Affordable, specialty, and fire-rated WOOD doorframes. Fire-ratings up to 90 minutes, built-to-order, and customizable in sizing and veneers. No more reverting to metal frames when wood can wow. Ideal for commercial applications including hospitality, multi-family/condo, office, senior living, retail, religious and historic preservation. Matching wood doors available.

Product Categories:
06200 Wood Finish Carpentry: Millwork + Trim
06460 Wood Door Jambs + Frames
08050 Door + Window Materials
08200 Wood Doors, Frames + Jambs
08210 Fire Rated Wood Door, Jambs + Frames
08220 Sidelites + Transoms
08250 Preassembled Wood Doors + Frames
08726 Fire-retardant + Intumescent Door Seals

Commercial + Residential


Showrooms / Distributors:
Please contact us for more information.

Rift Cut White Oak Fire Rated Door Frame
Matching Flush door and wall paneling
Concealed Overhead Closer HIDDEN in doorframe header (can be fire-rated)
Concealed Overhead Closer HIDDEN in doorframe header (can be fire-rated)
Teak Fire Rated Wood Door Frame
10” Wide Single Rabbet Fire-Rated Wood Frame for Unit Entry Door
Walnut Fire Rated Wood Door Frame – Lobby
Natural Birch Wood Jamb with Sidelite and custom Casing
Interleading Hotel Wood Door Frame with Sound Gasketing
Hotel Hallway
Office Interior Door Frame and Sidelite
Bathroom Partition Wood Frame
Brands / Products:
Fire Rated Wood Frames, Non Rated Wood Frames, Sidelite/Transoms, Matching Doors, BONFIRE Adjustable Frame, Concealed Closer Frames, Hidden Fire Door Frames, EDGE Series, No Casing Option, Pocket Pivot Hinge Fire Rated Wood Doors.
Fire Rated Wood Frames
Innovation Corner

New Products:
Concealed Closer Frames - conceal the overhead closer inside the wood door frame.
The EDGE Series - allows for profiles to be added to the edge of the frame to complement the casing.

Concealed Closers Frames
The EDGE Series

About Us
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STC Sound Ratings
Oversized Frames

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