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7601 Miller Drive
Frederick, CO 80504

Tel : 888.287.4183

Not content to rest on 30+ years of handcrafting the world’s best panels, baffles, and clouds, Sonus introduced eight new products in 2021 and a number of new customer service efforts. Working with manufacturers has become arduous, or more simply put, a PIA. Sonus changes that with online project tracking, 24 hour estimates, samples in 24 hours, and 2–3 week lead times, just to name a few. Finally, a vendor that performs like your career depends on it, because it does.

Product Categories:
06250 Wood Paneling + Veneers
09510 Acoustical Ceilings
09700 Wall Finishes, Wall Fabrics + Coverings
09770 Special Wall Surfaces + Panels
09800 Acoustical Insulation, Barriers/Reflectors
10600 Partitions, Screens + Panels
16222 LED Lighting
16500 Lighting


MarketNorth America

Showrooms / Distributors:
Sonus has representatives in every state and territory in North America.
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Green Green Products
Trava wood veneer acoustic panel system in white oak in civic building
Audi wood veneer acoustic planks in healthcare waiting room
Veue wood veneer acoustic grill system in office lobby
Trava wood panels made with Sonus’ acoustic core in building lobby
Loda and Loda LED wood veneer wrapped baffles in open workspace
Olino cylindrical baffles in high school cafeteria
Kowen paintable and printable baffles in manufacturing space
Patented Sonus Dimensional panels in church
Loda and Loda LED wood veneer wrapped baffles in open workspace
Acoustic clouds in hotel mall
Custom printed acoustic panels in restaurant
Acoustic ceiling panel application in hotel ballroom
Brands / Products:
Trava Wood Acoustic Panel System, Audi Wood Acoustic Plank System, Veue Wood Acoustic Grille System, Loda and Loda LED Wood Acoustic Baffles, Olino Cylindrical Acoustic Baffle, Kowen Paintable and Printable Acoustic Baffles, Dimensional Acoustic Panels, Elements Magnet-mounted Acoustic Baffles, Washable PVC-covered Acoustic Panels, Fabric-wrapped Acoustic Panels, Fabric-wrapped Acoustic Baffles, Fabric-wrapped Acoustic Clouds, Hexagon Panels, Tidal Curved Baffles, Acoustic Desktop Divider, Printed Panels
Wood Acoustic Systems
Specialty Acoustics
Panels, Baffles, and Clouds

New Products:
Acoustic Desktop Divider
Olino Cylindrical Baffle
Veue Wood Acoustic Grille System

Green Statement/Products:
We believe in sourcing with a conscience. We partner with suppliers that think the same way. From the core substrate to the adhesives we use, it is important that they be well-designed, tested, and environmentally responsible. We look for partners that focus on Take Less, Make Right, and Re-Use.

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