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Elderhorst Bells

875 Gravel Pike
Palm, PA 18070

Tel : 800.810.7892
Fax: 215.679.3692
Contact: Mike Elderhorst

Elderhorst Bells, Inc. began in Zoeterwoude, The Netherlands in 1893. J.A. Elderhorst began working on church bells as part of his steel fabrication and blacksmithing business. Over the years, church bell service became the majority of his work. The business became J.A. Elderhorst & Zonen (Sons) and by 1926, the company was providing complete bell ringing systems.
Following World War II, the family business became Elderhorst-Zoeterwoude in The Netherlands, and part of the family of craftsman moved to Canada and then on to the United States to begin Elderhorst Bells. The company was incorporated in 1988.
Mike Elderhorst, President of Elderhorst Bells, Inc. is a fourth generation designer and craftsman of tower clocks and bell ringing systems. Together with his staff, Elderhorst Bells, Inc. has the long term experience required to provide tower clocks and bell ringing systems with the highest degree of quality and functionality.

Product Categories:
05580 Metal Fabrications: Formed + Metalwork
05700 Ornamental: Stairs, Railings + Castings
10240 Grilles + Screens
10340 Clocks, Cupolas, Spires + Bells
10430 Signage, Banners + Plaques


Surface mounted Internally Illuminated canister style clock
Skeleton Style clock utilizing the exterior wall surface as the dial background
Freestanding Bell Tower with three new cast bronze bells
Custom rectangular internally illuminated exterior clocks
Custom Bracket Style clock for bank façade
Flush mounted internally illuminated canister style
Digital Carillon Systems provided
Custom Freestanding clock and bell tower
Tower Clock restoration and refurbishment services
Exterior Canister Clock with internal backlighting
Skeleton Clock Installation
Exterior Tower Clock restoration
Brands / Products:
Tower Clocks & Exterior Clocks, Streetscape Clocks, Decorative Interior Clocks, Bells, Decorative Grills and Railings,
Tower Clocks
Interior Clocks

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