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We start with rich clays and shales, carefully selected for color and durability. Because they are derived from nature, Acme Brick colors stand up to weather and nature without fading. If anything, weather tends to enhance the beauty of an Acme Brick house. Hard-firing ensures that a clay brick will not shrink like a concrete substitute. Does it cost more to buy a home built with Acme Brick? In many cases, Acme Brick are available at no extra charge. Occasionally, you may be asked to pay an upgrade, but even in these cases, the difference amounts to no more than a few extra cents per day. Your builder will be glad to answer any questions that you might have about the exterior of your new home.
Product Categories:
02780 Hardscapes, Unit Pavers + Porous Paving
04050 Masonry Materials + Methods
04200 Clay, Brick, Terra Cotta + Glass Block
04500 Fireplaces + Refractories
Commercial + Residential
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Acme Brick, Engraved Pavers; Fireplace Systems; Key Size Brick; Sculptured Bricks; Stonehenge Series; Special Shapes

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Sculptured Brick; New Lean, Green Brick ; FireRock Quality Fireplace Units
Iron Doors

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As green-building standards evolve, "Life Cycle Assessment" (LCA) is expected to assume a greater role. LCA is where Acme Brick show their true colors. With minimal care, they maintain their beauty and integrity for decades — a claim backed with the industry’s first 100 Year Limited Guarantee for Homebuyers.

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