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Since 1993 greenscreen® has fabricated elegant and efficient solutions for vine-based facades with over 10,000 projects ranging in scale and complexity.

greenscreen® trellis panels are lightweight and extremely rigid. Fabricated in the United States from 14-gage powder coated wire, the three-dimensional, welded wire construction’s three-inch depth captures vines as they grow and provides design opportunities for wall mounted, post mounted, and infill applications or attachment to steel by others. The panels can also be curved to form columns.

Our new Café Series line of tapered rectangular or curved planters with greenscreen® panels attached can blend together as units or make a lasting impression as single design statements.

greenscreen® creates a framework for vines to flourish
Product Categories:
02050 Site Materials + Methods
02800 Improvements + Amenities
02820 Fences, Gates + Operators
02871 Site Furnishings: Bike Racks, Planters + Trash Bin
02900 Planting, Trees, Lawns + Landscape
02945 Planting Accessories + Landscape Edging
07555 Green Roofing + Wall Systems
10240 Grilles + Screens
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Brands / Products:
Elements - Modular Panels, Wall Mounted, Fencing, Infill, Columns, Curved Panels, Planters, Custom.
Accessories - Edge Trims, Mounting Clips and Brackets, Posts and Caps, Standard Planters, Café Series, Straps, Spacers, and Rings.
greenscreen® Elements
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Green Statement/Products:
All greenscreen® panels and clips are fabricated from galvanized steel and have a powder coat finish. They are designed to hold greenscreen® trellis panels off the building surface to protect the building's waterproofing membrane from direct plant attachment and transfers the weight of the plants to the screen structure and the wall.

Resources for download at include information on system design, details, BIM models, CAD files, plant selection, and maintenance. Our team of project managers and CAD specialists have degrees in Architecture, Landscape Architecture or other design disciplines and are focused on customer service to ensure the success of your project.

Our website offers information and support for LEED© V4, Sustainable Sites© II, and other ratings systems. In 2015, we completed a Health Product Declaration (HPD) and a 3rd party-verified ISO 14040/14044 Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) model and report.

Sustainable Sites Initiative™
Recycled Content Declaration


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