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Our tactile systems are designed with safety and convenience in mind and are in full compliance with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) and the State of California Building Code Title 24. Armor-Tile offers the largest selection of ADA tactile system products for Transit platforms, multi-modal transit centers, curb ramps, stairwells, escalator approaches, pedestrian crossings, parking areas, reflecting pools, and building entrances. Because Armor-Tile has double the wear resistance of flamed granite it has a longer tile life and greater cost effectiveness.
Product Categories:
02700 Pavements, Bases + Ballasts
02760 Paving Specialties + Markings
02780 Hardscapes, Unit Pavers + Porous Paving
02840 Walk, Road & Parking Appurtenances
02841 ADA Detectable Tiles, Strips + Ramps
09650 Vinyl, Rubber, Cork + Resilient Flooring
10820 ADA Equipment + Grab Bars
Commercial + Residential
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Brands / Products:
Cast In Place Truncated Dome Systems, Surface Applied Truncated Dome Systems, Modular Truncated Dome Systems, Guidance Systems, Directional Systems, Detectable Warning Tiles

New Products:
NEW Replaceable Cast in Place Detectable Warning Tile

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Cast in Place Detail Drawings and Specifications
Surface Applied Detail Drawings and Specifications
Replaceable Cast in Place Detail Drawings and Specifications
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