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AIRFLOOR moves HVAC air delivery into the sub-flooring, liberating interior spaces from unsightly ducting and drop ceilings. It provides radiant and forced-air-convection heating/cooling through a network of steel, igloo-shaped forms acting as an air plenum. Air registers, located anywhere in the floor, provide silent, draft-free, low-velocity ventilation. This all-in-one radiant system integrates with standard HVAC units; without the complexity of fluid lines and pumps.
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02050 Site Materials + Methods
06150 Decking, Deck Tiles, Sheathing + Sub Flooring
09600 Flooring
15500 Heaters + Furnaces
15700 Heating, Ventilating + Air Conditioning
15768 Wall, Floor + Radiant Heating
15800 Air Distribution, Ducts, Registers + Filtration
15810 Mechanical + Ductwork Insulation
Commercial + Residential
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AIRFLOOR is an improved alternative to a hot water radiant system since it has the same radiant benefits plus the cost-saving advantage that both heating and cooling are provided by a single system.

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AIRFLOOR reduces instalation costs and provides significant energy savings due to its inherent heat-transfer efficiency. Building occupants benefit from the evenly conditioned environment, also enjoying warm floors in winter and cool ones in the summer. Using AIRFLOOR™ earns your building up to 6 LEED™ points!

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Relative Humidity Impacts of the AirFloor System in the Built Environment

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