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Acoustics First
In the late 1970's, Alpha Audio Acoustics introduced Sonex anechoic wedge foam to the professional audio community as an instant solution to a common acoustical problem. Acoustics First Corporation was formed in 1997 by one of the founders of Alpha Audio to continue to bring such innovative products to an even broader market. Our knowledge and experience acquired over more than twenty years in the industry is freely shared with our end users to provide the best choice of materials for a particular application. If needed, we are happy to provide the names of qualified acoustical consultants and installers.
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09500 Ceilings
09545 Specialty + Integrated Ceilings
09770 Special Wall Surfaces + Panels
09800 Acoustical Insulation, Barriers/Reflectors
13080 Sound, Vibration, + Seismic Control
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Absorbers / Diffusers / Barriers / Isolators /

1014 AcoustiKit™ Acoustical Foam Anechoic Wedges Art Diffusor® Series Bermuda Triangle Trap® BlockAid® Sound Barrier Cloudscape® Baffles Cloudscape® Ceiling Tiles Composite Foam Cutting Wedge® Panels Double Duty Diffusers™ FabTec FireFlex Foam Floor Underlayment Geometrix Absorber Guilford of Maine® HiPer Panel® Isolation Hangers Polyurethane Foam Pyramidal Diffusers QuadraPyramid™ Diffuser Quadratic Diffuser Model "Q" Quiet Louver Resilient Clips Silent Pictures® Sonora® Series Sonora® Sound Shim Sonora® Wall Acoustic Panels Sound Channels® Sound Cylinder™ StratiQuilt Blankets Transfusor® VibDamp Vib-X
Sound Absorbers
Acoustic Ceilling Treatments
Wall Treatments

New Products:
Cloudscape® Ceiling Tiles, HiPer Panel®, Flat Panel Diffuser QuadraPyramid™
HiPer Panel®
QuadraPyramid™ Diffuser

Ceiling Treatments
Wall Treatments
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HiPerPanel Diffuser
Quadra Pyramid

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