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Design-Tec® Lockers are above the standard, providing you the finest combination of design and engineering in solid phenolic locker systems. Design-Tec® Lockers are engineered to exceed rigorous demands and are built to stand the test of time, giving you this highest quality product in the market. Design-Tec® Lockers are built entirely of phenolic material making them suitable for all types of facilities. Design-Tec® Lockers are particularly suited for indoor & outdoor swimming facilities, water parks, hospitals, schools, stadiums and recreation centers. Phenolic material is water and graffiti resistant allowing it to easily withstand the aggressive use common throughout public facilities. Design-Tec® Lockers represent style, class and durability. When designing or renovating your next facility, what type of statement do you want to make?
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DesignRite Partitions,Toilet Partitions ,Urinal Screens, Shower Partitions, Changing Partitions, Vanity Tops DesignLine Cabinets: Laboratory Casework, Necropsy Centers, Kiosks, Workstations, Fumehood Liners, Shelving Units, Computer Trays, Window Sills, Custom Design Cabinets Insulation Boards Marinite®: Custom Fabrication Design-Tec Lockers: 1-6 Tier Lockers, ”Z” Style Lockers , Specialty Lockers: *Evidence Pass-Thru Lockers, *Laptop Computer Storage, Lockers, *Athletic Sports Lockers, Cubbie Lockers, *Custom Design Lockers Laboratory and Work Surface Tops: Durable Designs™ Furniture: Student Center Furniture Healthcare Furniture Office Furniture Institutional Furniture Transite® Custom Fabrication Pizza and Bagel Racks Foundry Core Boards

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