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Thermo Manufacturing has been on the leading edge of cool roofing and waterproofing since 1948. Thermo provides waterproofing and energy efficient roof solutions for commercial, industrial and institutional facilities. We use only the highest quality components to manufacture high-performance, time-tested systems and products for waterproofing walls and roofs. Every building is unique and Thermo Materials® provides a variety of reflective fluid-applied systems that are customized to meet specific needs. We work with the building owner, consultant, specifier and contractor to evaluate system requirements and offer support during the process.
Product Categories:
07050 Thermal + Moisture Protection/Covering
07100 Damp proofing + Waterproofing
07180 Coatings: Pedestrian + Vehicular Traffic
07560 Fluid-Applied Roofing
07590 Roof Maintenance + Repairs
Showrooms / Distributors:
Products are available via direct purchase and through a nationwide network of distributors
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Brands / Products:
Thermolastic® Coatings, Thermolene® Coatings, Mastics & Sealants for Thermolastic® Systems, Mastics & Sealants for Thermolene® Systems, Primers for Thermolastic® Systems, Primers for Thermolene® Systems, Concrete Deck Treatments, Cleaners, Polyester, Asphalt Emulsions, Repairs & Accessories, Adhesives, Rolled Goods
Roof Systems
Wall Systems
Pedestrian Deck Systems

Green Statement/Products:
Building Consultants, Architects and Engineers can specify a simple, green, sustainable solution that saves building owners and facility managers money, eases installation for contractors and satisfies Title 24 and LEED requirements.

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Roof Systems
Wall Systems
Pedestrian Deck Systems
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