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Inspired by our hometown crag, Smith Rock State Park, EP USA was established in 1988 with a mission to make world-class climbing accessible to everyone. Since our first artificial climbing wall, EP has built more than 7,200 climbing walls and boulders worldwide, using state-of-the-art technology and design. We take pride in delivering complete solutions to our customers, starting with climbing gym design, all the way to the assembly, holds and volumes, maintenance, and inspection.
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02790 Athletic + Recreational Surfaces
02879 Climbing Wall Systems, Boulders + Structures
02880 Playground Equipment + Structures
11480 Athletic + Recreational Equipment
11900 Exhibit Equipment
13120 Pre Engineered + Prefabricated Structures

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Brands / Products:
Mozaik is our established climbing wall technology. The walls are manufactured from 21mm Baltic Birch Plywood that is strong and durable enough for everything from commercial gyms to home walls. The walls can be flat, geometric or 2D curves to accommodate design needs. No manufacturing on site, fast and clean installation.

Moziak XP is our newest surface technology for climbing walls. While it has all the benefits of a Mozaik wall, its durable enough to withstand all types of weather in the outdoors. The walls are manufactured from a fiberglass composite. No manufacturing on site, fast and clean installation.

Freeform resembles real rock formations and has natural and crack features. Freefrom is hand shaped and can be customized to suit your needs. We offer multiple colors to integrate into any setting. Durable enough for the outdoors. Fast and clean installation with minimal touchup.
Climbing Walls
Boulders & Towers

New Products:
The possibilities are endless with our bolt on climbing holds that are hand sculpted or our wooden geometric volumes that screw into any wood surface and add shape and dimension your wall. We consistently offer new products to keep you challenged.
Climbing Holds and Volumes

Green Statement/Products:
We partner with architects and contractors to meet their sustainability goals. Using LEED building standards we offer sustainable materials and building practices.

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