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Dedicated to designing elegant and versatile spaces, Parasoleil creates architectural panels with exclusive patterns that provide a combination of shade, privacy and artistry in commercial, residential and institutional settings.

The company provides unique shading and partitioning solutions with a wide scope of light-filtering perforated designs which have been installed throughout the U.S. and internationally across commercial, residential and institutional settings.

Parasoleil panels are available in aluminum with finishes developed to meet and guide architectural aesthetics. The company prides itself on working closely with the architecture and design community to develop ideal solutions that are as much functional as they are visually compelling.
Product Categories:
05080 Factory-Applied Metal Coatings
05520 Metal Handrails, Railings + Guardrails
05581 Metal Wall Panels + Metal Wall Cladding
09560 Metal, Textured + Wood Ceilings
09770 Special Wall Surfaces + Panels
10530 Awnings, Canopies + Sun Control
10600 Partitions, Screens + Panels
10700 Exterior Protection, Shutters + Louvers
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Contact Parasoleil to discuss recommended panel layouts to fit the needs of your project, pricing, and installation details.
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Brands / Products:
Parasoleil designs and manufactures an exceptional line of laser-cut architectural metal panels with unique patterns that offer a profoundly artistic aesthetic to any space. Engineered to withstand the elements and manufactured in the United States, these decorative panels provide a functional and durable design that is warrantied to last. Parasoleil’s project guidance, proprietary hardware and installation system, production dependability, and beautiful powder coats ensure your project’s vision comes to life in a memorable and lasting way.
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Screen Systems
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Green Statement/Products:
Parasoleil is committed to designing and manufacturing the best patterns and panels for each installations traffic, micro-climate, and structural conditions. Raw material, thickness, finish, size, and pattern are each determined according to the projects needs. All panels are designed to last with minimal to no maintenance. All panels are designed to rated as highly-sustainable as possible. Any given panels green-certification will be determined by the "green opportunity cost" (meaning, comparing the panels to the next best alternative) for each project and application.


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