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Flannery is a manufacturer of specialty aluminum trim. We carry a full line of trims for over 5 different siding profiles including drywall, stucco/plaster, fiber cement, & wood panels. Our trims come in a variety of sizes and finishes allowing you to completely customize your design. We also carry brake shapes as well as vinyl and steel products. Flannery has been family owned and operated since it's start in 1975 and is dedicated to providing quality architectural metal products coupled with outstanding service.
Product Categories:
07600 Flashing + Sheet Metal
09050 Finish Materials + Methods
09130 Acoustical Suspension Ceilings
09200 Plaster, Stucco, Lath + Gypsum Board
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Brands / Products:
Aluminum Extrusions - Drywall Trims, Plaster Trims, Fiber Cement Panel Trims, Millwork Panel Trims, TruGrain Siding Trims, Miscellaneous Dies.
Ventilation - Continuous Soffit Vents.
Brake Shapes - Universal Weep, Standard Weep, Brake J Stop, Plaster Inside Corner, Brake Angle, Z Trim, Stucco Drip Stop, Hat Channel Vent, Plain Edge Vent.
Steel Trim - Bullnose Corners, Comp Clip, Door and Window Trims, Drywall Edge Trims.
Vinyl Trim - Bullnose Trowel, Base Plugs, Furring Screws, Vinyl Universal Weep Screed, Fast Mask®.
Finishes - Mill Finish, Anodized Finishes, Chemical Conversion Coat Finish, Kynar Paint Finish, Powder-Coated Paint Finishes.
Aluminum Extrusions
Brake Shapes
Steel Trim

Green Statement/Products:
Flannery has been well represented for years by the Green Shamrock in its logo. It is a symbol for our company and a reminder of our commitment to being more "Green". We are fully engaged in the "Green" movement that is taking place in the construction industry. We are committed to implementing new ways to run our manufacturing plant that are more environmentally responsible. Our goal is to produce products that are viable and sustainable for the future of our industry and our planet.  

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