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5900 Pruitt Ave.
Suite #110
Windsor, CA 95492

Tel : 844.226.9255
Contact: Zack Zimmerman. Director, Business Development / CMO
BamCore LLC is a next-generation building technology company that manufactures bamboo-based structural building components that speed construction, improve building operating performance and shrink a building’s carbon footprint.
Product Categories:
02825 Sound Walls + Barriers
02850 Prefabricated Bridges & Structures
06180 Glue Laminated structures
07555 Green Roofing + Wall Systems
13070 Bullet Resistant Protection Rooms
13080 Sound, Vibration, + Seismic Control
13120 Pre Engineered + Prefabricated Structures
Commercial + Residential

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Brands / Products:
BamCore Structural Wall System - timber bamboo, bamboo-based hollow Prime Wall System, bamboo-based panelized Prime Wall system.
Patented and Innovative Framing Structures
BamCore Structural Panels and Prime Wall Systems

Green Statement/Products:
For over eight years, BamCore has been privately working to develop a game-changing technology that replaces traditional structural framing based on unsustainable wood studs with a stronger and more sustainable bamboo-based panelized wall system.  Now, BamCore’s products are driving a paradigm shift in Western building by creating an entirely new approach to residential and low-rise commercial construction that will result in building stronger, faster, greener and less expensive buildings. And unlike any other building system, BamCore’s delivers a uniquely promising carbon footprint by reducing thermal bridging from wood studs, which significantly improves thermal performance, and by promoting direct carbon sequestration through the demand-driven scalable expansion of timber bamboo planting.

Carbon Footprint
Operating Sustainability
Unique Sustainability of Timber Bamboo

BamCore Overview
Bamboo Basics
Fast Construction
Technical Links:
Mechanical Properties
BamCore Thermal
BamCore Sound
Water Vapor Permeance

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