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President:  Brenda Buster
General manager: Joshua Buster

Lyons Sandstone Is a family owned and operated Quarry and Fabrication company based in Colorado. We mostly work with sandstone, but are expanding our line quickly.  Our primary product is Colorado Red Sandstone, the iconic stone of Colorado used at the University of Colorado in Boulder and Red Rocks Amphitheater.  We recently located a ranch in southern Colorado with a beautiful buff sandstone deposit.  We are partnered with them to produce Prairie Gold.
Product Categories:
02780 Hardscapes, Unit Pavers + Porous Paving
02830 Retaining Walls
02870 Site Furnishings: Seating, Tables + Gazebos
04400 Stone: Marble, Limestone, Granite + Slate
04430 Stone: Quarried + Cut Stone Stone Cladding
07415 Stone Roofing + Wall Panels Cladding
09630 Stone Flooring + Facing
12584 Outdoor Furniture + Site Furniture
Commercial + Residential
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Brands / Products:
Lyons Red
Prairie Gold

New Products:
Prairie Gold is a new golden buff sandstone.  It is unique among western american sandstone in that it is a larger block material which lends it to making gauged veneers and sawn surface pavers and cladding.  This product will result in fast and perfect installation in comparison to random thicknessed material.
Thin veneer:  Oline of red thin veneer offers more options and qualities that no other fabricator can match.  Because we roll our stone up on it's side relative to other thin veneers, you get to see the natural cleft face of the stone Rather than the cut side.

Green Statement/Products:
Lyons Sandstone was one of the originators of the NSC 373 Sustainable quarries standard.  We are an industry leader in small quarry environmentalism.


Thin veneer
Architectural Projects - Lyons Red
Prairie Gold
Landscaping - Lyons Red
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