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For almost 30 years, Town and Country has been building skylights in a traditional style that distinctively accents homes and public spaces. We build each of our skylights to echo the roof lanterns that are commonly used in England.

Available with or without side frames, our skylight/lanterns offer decorative rafter profiles that mimic wood framing in traditional skylights. Finials, cresting, custom colors and copper or lead-coated copper cladding are additional options. Performance is state of the art made possible by thermal breaks throughout, high-performance Low-E glass as standard and a range of Hurricane-tested sizes. Roof vents and side-opening windows are also available.

Skylights are available in custom sizes and shapes and 42 standard sizes in 4 distinct shapes.
Product Categories:
08590 Window Restoration + Replacement
08600 Skylights, Roof Windows + Greenhouses
08650 Daylighting
08950 Translucent Wall + Roof Assemblies
08960 Sloped Glazing Assemblies
13120 Pre Engineered + Prefabricated Structures
13132 Dome + Glazed Structures
13134 Greenhouses
Commercial + Residential

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